Come and work for the vets with a difference.

At Pet Practice we are an exciting, independent, growing veterinary group that’s giving a fresh look to working in the veterinary sector. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have proved ourselves to be a safe, efficient and reliable business that has continued to grow by caring for both its staff and patients.

We are not a corporate focussed on profit to the detriment of its clients and staff. Nor are we a small independent at risk from competition or takeover.

We have the security of being a veterinary group with the benefits and personal touch of being family owned. We do not lock our staff into working for us under the premise of joint venture and other hidden restrictions.

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Jobs with Pet Practice

At Pet Practice we keep things simple & fun

Our staff’s loyalty is built around mutual respect and working with your requirements to create a job role that is right for you. No on-call and flexible rotas ensure your work life balance leaves you fresh and enthusiastic.

Benefits of working for Pet Practice


I have been working for Pet Practice since January 2013. It is an independent group that allows me full free choice to treat animals accordingly to my knowledge and skill.

The work place atmosphere is fantastic and you know you can rely on your colleagues. There is always someone willing to help when you are busy. As Pet Practice continues to expand it is a secure place to be. Even though I work full time I still have enough time to enjoy family life. For me it is the best place so far and I highly recommend it to anyone.


At Pet Practice we have a friendly and amazing team to work along side. Being a close knit group we enjoy having fun in and outside of work.

We are an ever growing, independent, family style practice that is always striving for the best. Working at Pet Practice is extremely rewarding. We are always encouraged to focus our hard earned skills on patient and client care to build on our exceptional reputation.


I have been a full time vet at Pet Practice Milton Keynes for over 3 years, starting when the clinic had only been open for a year, and I have enjoyed every day. There are obviously highs and lows in every veterinary day but there were several factors that meant I went home at the end of the day smiling. Working with a great clinical and non-clinical team, lovely clients that have a great bond with the clinic and brilliant support from Ben Johnson, the practice owner, and the staff at the other Pet Practice veterinary clinics.

As Pet Practice is privately owned and controlled by Ben, he is at the end of the phone and listens to ideas and suggestions from the entire team; So my voice has always been heard and opinion valued. I never felt alone with fantastic RVNs and reception colleagues and other Pet Practice teams at the end of the phone. My reason for leaving Pet Practice in August 2021 was because my husband was offered a dream job opportunity in Germany, however I will be booking some holiday cover shifts in 2022.

The past 18 months particularly have been very hard for everyone and the veterinary industry as a whole is struggling. During it all I found the clients have been understanding and patient with changes we have had to implement. Ben has been very approachable and supportive of our concerns, well-being and work life balance. This clinic is a fantastic place to gain experience with the freedom of clinical decisions whilst having the support of an experienced team. I miss them and am happy to talk to anyone interested in applying for a role with Pet Practice.

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Our sites sit alongside Pets Corner stores and Dogwood grooming parlours. Whilst separate businesses to ourselves they are very much our friends and we like to think of them as the Harrods of the pet shop world. Having them nearby means as a trio we offer a high quality, comprehensive package.