Who are we?

Pet Practice is a family owned, independent veterinary group that’s been helping local pets since 2009.

Our founding ethos

When our founder Ben Johnson opened the first Pet Practice in Bournemouth in 2009, working alongside his wife Sarah and two key colleagues, he was determined to provide exceptional, personalised veterinary care from a trusted team.

Today over 75% of veterinary surgeries in the UK are corporate practices, but since those early days, Ben has stayed true to his ethos and is proud that Pet Practice is still family owned. We often gain new clients from surgeries that have lost that personal connection and compassion.

Meet the family
Why we're different

Why we’re different

As a pet owner, it’s hard to tell if a veterinary practice is privately owned or part of a corporate structure. So ask them questions, such as ‘Who makes decisions about my pet’s treatment?’ and ‘What happens if I have any concerns?’. At Pet Practice our team aren’t led by business targets or corporate policies so are free to focus on the best treatment for your pet.

Due to the nature of large corporations many of their leadership teams aren’t closely involved in the day-to-day running of the practices they oversee. At Pet Practice things are different. Both Ben and Jazmin Davies, our practice manager and a highly experienced veterinary nurse, work clinically across most sites. This means they understand the needs of clients, their pets and the team. You can also reach out to Sarah, if you want to speak to the real boss!

Looking to the future

We firmly believe that it’s important that our management team should stay involved with the day-to-day provision of exceptional veterinary care. Although we have a low staff turnover and stable team, as we expand, we’re increasingly recruiting staff who’ve been searching for a role where they’re not simply a cog in the wheels of business. Instead they want to be at the heart of the practice they work in.

We’ve 12 practices now, but our journey isn’t complete – we’re continuing to invest in new locations and existing sites so that we can remain at the forefront of veterinary medicine. Everyone’s hard work is directly invested back into our team and facilities, and ultimately, your practice.

Pet Practice offers the professionalism, standards and facilities that comes with being a sizeable veterinary group, plus the personal touch and benefits of being family owned. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinics.

Looking to the future


All of our practices are purpose built for the task which means we could put our fresh approach on the design.

You will find them spacious, clean and modern. Their prominent positions means they are easily located and on site parking helps simplify your journey. Being newly constructed they contain everything a modern practice should. They have hygienic and safe hospitalisation kennels, dedicated theatres, on site laboratories as well as diagnostic facilities including digital radiography and ultrasonography.

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I hope this has given you a feel for who we are and we look forward to welcoming you at Pet Practice.